The Black Crayon Book

The Black Crayon is a colorful, vibrant, and captivating story of a box of colorful crayons, with one black crayon who struggles to be accepted. If not for the love of a little girl named Laila, this black crayon begins to see his inner beauty. This book not only teaches self-awareness but also teaches cultural awareness to young children.

The Red Crayon Book

¬†The Red Crayon is a loving, and heartfelt story about how one crayon makes a difference in children’s lives in the Lighthouse Guardianship for Kids foster home. This story looks at one of the most critical issues that foster homes face which is sibling separation. Red Crayon uses her intuition to find out Shaan’s despair at home. A little faith goes a long way which helps reunite Shaan and his sister Mariah.

The Family Means Love Book

 Family Units Come in All Sizes and Shapes, and They All Have Hearts!

Engaging Your Minds

Children’s books hold a special place in literature as they designed to inspire, educate, and entertain the youngest members of society. They serve as valuable tools in nurturing language skills, emotional development, and a lifelong for the love of reading. Many contemporary take out children’s books emphasize diversity and inclusion by featuring characters from various backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. This promotes a sense of belonging and fosters understanding among young readers.

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